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   Statement of Beliefs!

  1. We believe in the supreme Family known as God, presently consisting of God, the Father, Yahweh of the Old Testament, and God, the Word, who became Jesus Christ the son of God, both eternally existing, composed of Divine, all powerful, Holy Spirit through which all things were created and are sustained.

  2. We believe in the great plan of God, and their desire to create perfect, holy righteous beings like themselves through first creating mankind of physical flesh and blood, but in the image and likeness of God, and through which they train and perfect the human mind and character necessary to be born again into eternal spirit composition when complete and to be part of the expanding family of God.

  3. We believe that the Holy Bible is the infallible mind of God in written form, that it is their communication to humanity as to how to live and conduct themselves with each other and with them, and that it is necessary to embrace all of God's word as revealed and supported in the bible in order to comprehend the true nature and mind of God and be conformed to the full image and likeness of God throughout life.

  4. We believe in the Calling of God, and that no human can come to God on his own unless the Father Himself first draws that human to Christ, gives understanding of the written word and which calling must be answered and responded to according to the Laws and Word of God in order to continue to grow in spiritual understanding.

  5. We believe the plan of God is revealed through the Holy Days of God which were given to man to observe and which outline the awesome process of bringing the children of God into glory with them.

  6. We believe there is a fallen evil spirit entity called Satan, who along with other evil spirit beings known as demons, rules on Earth as the god of this world and through whom, by masquerading as an angel of light, deception is fostered on humanity as to the truth of the plan of God and its scope, but who is completely subject to God in all things and can only act according to God's perfect will and plan.

  7. We believe the Church, being a spiritual organism made up of the physical collection of the like-minded called of God, in groups around the world, is the structure through which God feeds and leads His called to eventual perfection and through which He speaks to the world of His plan, and humanity's responsibility to each other and to God.

  8. We believe in the seventh day Sabbath, one of the supreme 10 commandments, made for man's spiritual benefit and growth, and which sets God's people apart from false religion and helps point the way to God and His kingdom and the ultimate divine rest promised to God's children.

  9. We believe in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the atonement the blood and death of the Christ allows which closes the separation between sinful but repentant and responding mankind and the perfect God and through which we have direct access to the Father, through His Grace.

  10. We believe that there is more to the salvation process, which includes the Sanctification Process.

  11. We believe that repentance, a true acknowledgment of personal sin and guilt as outlined in God's word, and the continual turning away from it in response to the leading of God, is absolutely necessary for a continued relationship with the Father, and hope of growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ and eventual changing to spirit life.

  12. We believe in baptism, complete submersion in water, as an outward sign of our repentance toward God, the death of the old self and our being buried with Christ so that we may also be eventually raised to new life.

  13. We believe in faith, the actual evidence and substance we receive from God

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