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Golden Sheaves

Church of God New Mexico

Free Literature - Christian Biblical Church of God

Islamic Threat

Islamic Threat - 2

Bible Archaeology

Bible Study

Church of God

Associates for Scriptural Knowledge: Not all the information provided by this website do I agree with, (especially regarding the Sabbath day, or Holy Days of God) but it has some very good material on biblical archaeology.

Pagan Influences on Christianity

Alternative News Sources for real news not told society by the government and corporate-controlled media

Before It's News

Freedom Outpost

The Daily Sheeple

World Net Daily


Truth Radio


Prison Planet

Info Wars

The Liberty Committee

Creation vs Evolution

Evolution of Truth

Day Star Scientific Proof of Creation!

Jewish Studies

The Temple Institute

Virtual Jerusalem

Hebrew Calendar


Calendar info


Church of God Music

Integrity Music

Rebecca St. James

Religious Studies

Biblical Research

UFO Information

Disclosure project

Government Representative Contact

Contact your Rep

Contact Congress

Earth Quake Information


Constitutional & Freedom Issues

Keep and Bear Arms

The Liberty Committee: Tax and other issues.

Give Me Liberty: Tax and other issues.

The Matrix: Americans are asleep and losing their country, and more.

Tax Fraud: You have been deceived.

Church incorporation: Making you a servant of the state! Get the book, "In Caesar's Grip," by Peter Kershaw, available for $20 from:

Heal Our Land Ministry
c/o 208 E. College Street, Suite 262
Branson, MO 65616
417-337-7533 (Voice Mail)

Mr. Kershaw is available for speaking engagements for local churches or other groups.

Miscellaneous Information

World Time Zones

Earth Satellite View

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