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"Science Fiction, or Science FACT?"


Imagine a race of beings that, in truth, ARE communicating with mankind. Imagine that, as in so many science fiction movies we've seen, most people who hear such things are skeptical and simply don't believe such things are true. Wouldn't this prevent most people from even looking seriously at the concept?

We stretch our minds out toward anything that is greater than ourselves. Powers, forces, beings, technology, etc. Such things contribute to the drive and hope in us that SOME aspect of it is true. We NEED to believe that such things are possible. It is part of the human consciousness.

Have you seen any of the Star Trek series where beings that live in different dimensions are discovered, that have incredible powers, like Q? Remember movies like "Scanners," or stories about aliens taking over the minds of humans to achieve their own ends? Well, believe it or not, these stories have a lot of truth behind them. Read on and you will be amazed, but I warn you now that you will have "normal" doubts and skepticism popping up all along the way for reasons that will be explained later.

This isn't fiction, THIS IS FACT. It is beyond anything you have ever heard about, and it dispels many common myths about mankinds origin, religious beliefs and the like. However, before we proceed, you need to be aware that this information transcends our normal 5 senses, into a realm where there are "forces" that DO NOT WANT YOU TO BECOME AWARE OF THIS INFORMATION. (Are you already brushing this off?)

Don't allow this skepticism, (doubts or fear?) to prevent you from making an intelligent decision for yourself. It isn't hard to understand or prove as long as you are WILLING to listen and evaluate the information for yourself. If you are seriously interested in your ultimate destiny, YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION.

I mentioned above that there are forces that don't want you to know about this. Let me give you a synopsis of this incredible story. All you have to do is make a determined effort to fight what has been a "normal" bias in your mind all along, a bias that is supported by the same forces that DO NOT want you to know what is really going on in the universe. THIS WILL BE YOUR HARDEST TASK THROUGH ALL THIS, BELIEVE ME.

Let's start at the beginning. It begins with 2 beings we call "God" (from "elohim", a plural word - see Who is Jesus Christ? for the facts on this surprise) that have incredible power, beyond physical matter, yet they both are united in their purpose and will. They are beings with perfect character and minds. The Bible goes on to detail how these beings decided to, literally, reproduce themselves, their kind, since no others existed. They wanted to share life with others like themselves.

Looking at Genesis 1, we see how God began with the "restoration" of the earth which became void from Satan's rebellion (more on that later). God begins with the restoration and perhaps actual original creation of other aspects of physics. Notice that God created things after their "kind..."

Gen 1:21 "So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing with which the water teems, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind.

Gen 1:24 "And God said, "Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to its kind." And it was so. 25 God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds."

God created these things on a genetic level, to be specific tho certain "kinds" and not some weird mix of genes. Cattle "kind", fish "kind" and so forth. Then, we see the most incredible statement that most of humanity completely misses...

Gen 1:26 "Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."

Do you see what God plainly tells us here? After God created all the animals and such after a "kind", He then goes on to state... "Let 'US' make man in 'OUR' image, after 'OUR' likeness..."

Here we have God establishing His (their) plan for humanity... that of creating humans after "The GOD Kind"! Actually reproducing themselves... their "kind". Can anything be so simple yet so incredibly powerful?

But let's digress for a minute. Because their power is not limited to what we understand in the physical world, they were able to produce spirit beings we call angels that had free will and a consciousness, like themselves, but not a reproduction of themselves since angels have a different form and shape than God and Christ, and aren't created in their actual outward image. God couldn't simply generate, instantly, by fiat, the kind of mind and character He has, and having free will and choice still be part of the package. This was something that could only be built through use of free will and exercising of right choices. These angles were placed right here on earth and given the time and experience to develop the kind of character and mind that would produce happiness forever. God or the angels don't age or grow old. They are spirit which transcends physics, so aging was and is not experienced by them.

Unfortunately, with free will comes the chance that the wrong decisions will be made that ultimately shape the mind to be good or bad, and this happened to 1/3 of these angels, led by one arch angel, Heylel - Lucifer is not the correct name for this angel...

Translated from OT:1984 halal (haw-lal'); (a primitive root word) meaning: to be clear (orig. of sound, but usually of color); to shine; hence, to make a show, to boast; and thus to be (clamorously) foolish; to rave; causatively, to celebrate; also to stultify: KJV - (make) boast (self), celebrate, commend, (deal, make), fool (-ish, -ly), glory)

Heylel was named Satan after his rebellion. Over time, Heylel made decisions that began to disrupt the order of things, eventually even the physical universe itself. Heylel influenced one third of the angels that he knew better what was the right way to think and act, (competition and being free from any rules) even to the point that they mounted an attack, a universe-wide star war, in an attempt to overpower God so as to not have to submit to what they grew to consider, in their now warped minds, to be a lack of "freedom."

This rebellion actually destroyed all life on this planet at one time in the past, and evidence of it can still be seen on our moon and the planets within our solar system. The scientific world wonders how the dinosaurs were so quickly exterminated. Haven't you ever wondered WHY all the planets are so lifeless and barren, with atmospheres that are destroyed? This rebellion was quickly extinguished with the help of the loyal angels which DIDN'T choose the same way of thinking, and these now "evil" angles, what we know as demons, were sent back to earth and forced to stay here. (In this solar system area). It turns out that this first new level of created beings called angels was just the first step of a process, and that the REAL reproducing of the God family was yet to occur. (Are you still with me? It gets better.)

With enemies now existing in the universe that want to stop the ultimate plan God decided upon, there had to be a course of action to assure the success of this reproducing process. (There is some evidence that God is simply using the fallen angels to complete His education plan, at which time, they will also be destroyed along with those humans that rebel against God as the angels did, and don't repent.) Enter the human race. God "seeded," you might say, this planet with the genetic material for all life on this planet. God "ordered" physics on this planet to set the stage for life. Why? Because they needed a training ground for human beings to learn to either make the right choices, or simply die and cease to exist. Our world is evidence of the vast number of ways people can bring suffering and pain on themselves and others. This is part of the education process God is involved with now.

God wanted a place where these new beings could grow, develop and LEARN the right way to think and act. This was vital for God to truly reproduce His own kind, with minds that could live forever in happiness and prosperity.

That brings us to. . . US!

Have you ever wondered where the world originally got its ideas for "religion"? You can see a common thread run throughout every religion in the world. That of a super being, called by many different names, and "evil" that is somehow in a battle with this super being. It had to come from somewhere, and that source is what the Bible describes in detail.


Understand this. The REALITY of existence started with God, and the facade of traditional religion has perverted this truth in most people's minds. Why do you suppose there is such disdain and despising of "religion?" It is because aspects of this truth are twisted into a weak, wimpy and powerless belief, supposedly taken from the Bible, that does little or nothing to really change the world OR the human beings in it.

God CAN'T EVER DIE OR CHANGE. We CAN die and cease to exist (See "immortal" soul) and the demons know it, so they are doing all they can to thwart man from ever reaching his potential of living forever. Right about now, though, you are doing battle with accepting any of this as being valid or real, RIGHT? You have any number of reply's in your head as to why this isn't real or why it doesn't make any sense. You either rebel at any hint of "religion" because it has been perverted and corrupted over the existence of humanity on this planet, or you are accepting the perverted concept of the REAL PLAN GOD HAS LAID OUT, FALSELY DISGUISED AS THE "RELIGIONS" OF THIS WORLD.

Please understand and remember that your mind is something that is subject to the influences that come from the demon minds that exist on our planet right along with us...

Eph 2:2 "Wherein in time past you walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience:"

A good analogy is the similarity between radio waves and a typical radio. How many stations can you "tune into" on your radio? You have the choice to listen to whatever you "like" or motivates and pleases your senses. You listen to what influences you the most, based on dozens of life experiences.

In the same way, the human mind is able to be influenced by these perverted minds as they "broadcast" their attitudes around the world, and are picked up by collective humanity and acted upon according to "what seems right" or pleasing or "good" to each of us. We ALL have sin or wrong thinking and acting in our lives, and we naturally "listen" to the "stations" we like and that support our natural proclivity toward our weaknesses. Therein lies the state of the world as God is allowing each of us to exercise our free will and to "tune into" these attitudes of sin, destructive actions and rebellion.

However, these influences are NOT force. We can ONLY be INFLUENCED. Because we have free choice and free will, which is absolutely necessary for us to achieve our ultimate destiny, we CAN'T BE FORCED to go against our free will in the path to perfection, (although eventually, we must comply with universal law of reality, or choose to die forever) anymore than we are forced to heed what a specific radio station plays or says. That is the nature of things. Your mind is yours, and is limited to what the 5 senses bring it. So you ask, "HOW can these demons influence my mind if all I have are the 5 senses to bring me information?" You don't have any DIRECT proof of the existence of these demons from your 5 senses, do you?

Let's go back to the beginning again. When God created angels, "They" had to supply the "ingredients" from their own power base. That is, they had to provide the power and "material" to bring these beings into existence, and to give them a separate consciousness, self awareness and free will. The same is true with humanity on this earth. All life was generated from God, but the one and only difference between all life on earth and humanity is that element which is common to the demons and to humanity's ability to be self aware and have a mind, consciousness, etc. That common thread or "essence" is what is called the Spirit in man (NOT an immortal soul) which is give to mankind from God and is how the demons can influence the mind of mankind. That is HOW these demons can remain undetected by our 5 senses, (although technology does exist showing that this realm is real) and can have such influence over how we think and act.

Haven't you ever wondered WHY some people do the things they do? Think back to all the cases of incredible evil that have been done AGAINST HUMANITY. All the killing, wars, suppression of people and prosperity by governments, damage to our planet, etc. Do you think this is just a normal course of events? Can you see the thread running throughout the events we know as history? It has NEVER been free of strife, war, evil, hatred and want. This is evidence of an evil force that interacts with humanity. Odds by themselves, without any evil force hampering us would dictate a 50/50 scenario. 50% of human history should show something OTHER than evil and corruption, but this is NOT the case.

Think of the personal, individual acts of theft, lies, anger, hate, bitterness, deceit, violence, lusting, adultery, selfishness and more. These are acts resulting from the influence of demons that the mind of humans unconsciously receive, and play out because we have a carnal nature that is willing to embrace these ways. Their intent is to destroy the potential for humanity to be ushered into the very family of God. But you might ask, "Why would God allow such things to occur, especially when He has MORE power than the demons?" THAT is the pivotal point of the human condition.

You see, God knew that to develop right minds and character, there had to be time and experience to provide the opportunities to make right choices. God also realized that because many of the angels made wrong decisions and weren't willing to work toward the right goal, they would be pawns in the development of OUR CHARACTER, that is, they would provide the "resistance" we would be schooled through and provide the opportunities to develop right character, and to also show us, (and the Holy angels) quite vividly, the results of this way of thinking which we can now see around the world. As part of this plan for mankind, the penalty for not achieving the same state of mind that God has would simply be (eventually) cessation of our conscious, physical, 5-sensed life, forever. We will simply die and cease to exist.

God provides every means for us (some today but most at another time) to be able to achieve this incredible state of eternal existence as beings like Himself, but He has given us FREE WILL, and works with us within those "limitations." They are allowing us to make our own decisions, society, governments, and systems. However, they have made it possible for us to actually tap into the very power they possess and to use this power to not only resist the demon's influences, but to actually mold and shape our very nature into their nature, over time, whether in this age for those called, or in the age to come for those who have never had the chance to understand. This plan is far greater than any science fiction we could dream up. It is SCIENCE FACT.

BUT. . . how do you know whether YOU can tap into this power? IF YOU NOTICE ANY KIND OF INTEREST IN THIS MATERIAL, OR HAVE A SUDDEN "AWARENESS" OF WANTING TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TRUTH, then you could very possibly be someone who God is calling.


Is there anyone who hasn't heard about such things as heaven, hell, sins, forgiveness, and the like? Some form of these ideas exist in virtually every religion or new age belief in the world. BUT ARE THEY VALID CONCEPTS? Did you realize that the demons are actually in contact with ALL people directly around the earth, most unknowingly? Did you know that these beings masquerade as helpers of mankind, supposedly providing good information, but all the while simply leading them farther from the truth through intellectually stimulating lies and deceits? We have ALL been subject to it in one form or another. Most still are.

I assure you that your mind will most likely rebel against all this, sooner or later. When it does, ask yourself, WHY? Why are you reacting to this information the way you are? Why does your mind dislike what is stated and where did you get this dislike?

Remember, people who are deceived don't KNOW they are deceived. THAT IS THE NATURE OF DECEPTION. It is a blindness that CAN'T be seen UNLESS IT IS BROUGHT TO THE SURFACE BY FACTS, AND. . .


Unless you do this, you can't possibly get past the evil influence that clouds your mind and prevents you from seeing the obvious truth. Resisting this "natural" blindness is quite difficult to do, but the rewards are tremendous. Few people are able to do it NOW, but there's only one way for you to know if you are one of those people. You need to make the choice to battle these forces, and your own influenced mind, and break out of the blindness and tap into the power that is available to you.


Take the Challenge!


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