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Mankind, Science, and Quantum Mechanics: A Theory!

The evolution of scientific understanding has amazed even the most expectant of scientists. Scientific knowledge, technology and understanding continue to mount, with absolutely no end in sight. Perhaps the most mysterious of these areas is the "quantum mechanical" model coming to light. This area alone is forcing scientists back to the drawing board regarding many sacred cows. It is, by shear physical evidence, and lack thereof, demanding that science re-think the fundamental model of physics in many respects.

Simply put, it may be that quantum mechanics deals with the point in the physical realm where the natural order we know as physics, or, laws of physics, ends, or begins to end, and "something else" begins, or begins to begin. I put it that way because there is overwhelming evidence thus far to at least begin to form a theory as to what this "quantum interface" as I call it, is. More on that in a moment.

The hardest part for science to deal with is the lack of concrete physical, direct or indirect, evidence. There is enough evidence to make them realize that something really weird is on the other side of this quantum interface because of the behavior of "absolute" physics as they have come to know them. That is, natural laws are called laws because they are unbending and seemingly "eternal." You can depend on them without hesitation. Yet, once into the realm of the quantum, these "absolutes" suddenly AREN’T absolutes anymore. In fact, things begin to happen that, by every sense of the word, are "IMPOSSIBLE . . ." but only because we insist on interpreting those results by our own realm of physics.

One of the most difficult barriers for any scientist to break through is the one that encloses his or her thinking in atoms, molecules, flesh, blood and the like. In searching for EVERY answer to EVERY question, science insists on the limited physical realm being responsible for the ONLY acceptable answer. When the atom was thought to be the smallest known "particle," was it? Did that accepted knowledge eliminate the host of smaller particles we’ve come to know exist today? Of course not.

It is a little easier these days for science to be willing to accept the possibility that even smaller particles exist even though not physically seen or proven yet. The question to ask is, ‘Is there a point at which there can be no smaller particle?" In other words, what is beyond that proverbial smallest particle and what is the source of that smallest particle? Can it possibly be nothing?

Can YOU see and feel an atom? How about a molecule? Quirks? How about the many other newly discovered particles? Humanity has had these elements passing right through their bodies since mankind existed. It still does right this moment. Do you feel them or are you aware of them in ANY way? NO! Does this mean they do not exist? NO, of course not. In fact, science actually believes there are many other things that "science" or the 5 senses have not revealed as yet.

Why is it so easy to believe that, and NOT believe in something else that our 5 senses cannot reveal to us? That is because of the very plan God has for mankind, and the existence of a power that continually deceives and blinds the minds of humanity. To believe in God means we would then, logically, have to be under his command and authority... something mankind simply does NOT want to do. So he willingly accepts being blinded and allowing fraud and lies to cover his eyes so he doesn't have face the truth

This brings us to the "interface" between the physical aspects of this article, and the non-physical concept I wish to present as a valid and very reasonable ‘theory" for those who have begun to admit the obvious. There is another realm we have been told about that exists, yet is beyond the five senses, but nevertheless, is just as real, in fact, more real, because it is the SOURCE of all we know as physical. That source is God. This is NOT an attempt to completely flesh out this theory, nor is it a theological discourse on all the countless "spiritual" questions that this promotes.

The quantum, as best as I can determine, is the point at which the very power of the being we call God begins to "arrange" His "raw materials" into an ordered system that is self-running to some degree. This "interface" between the absolute God and His creation is being broached by science. Physics behaves as we know it should to the point of the quantum, but beyond that point, the structure and order within physics that upholds our universe, isn’t so structured.

What maintains this structure and why is this quantum level NOT structured? i.e. Why does order begin at one spot and not exist at another? What holds back the randomness and chaos the quantum reveals from disrupting our entire universe? What allows or creates the order of physics at this point? Why does the very act of direct physical observation of events in this quantum area produce changes, and force an order to appear, yet indirect observation reveals the impossible?

It was only a matter of time before mankind could look deep within the very fabric of the physical universe. There IS evidence within the life of our planet that proves design, construction and manipulation of building blocks to produce all we see in a way that is impossible through the blind evolutionary process so many have accepted. It is one thing to accept such a theory when no evidence is available to prove otherwise. It is another to continue to accept such a theory when physical evidence becomes available that completely dismisses evolution as impossible. With the quantum level now being experienced, we have evidence to support a theory that can explain the "how" (quantum mechanics) of God’s creative act.

The creative act for all physics is a completed work, yet it is constantly being sustained via this quantum interface by some enormous power base. An ordering takes place along the quantum gradient, where "spirit," the actual power and nature of God, acts, and the physical universe results:

Hebrews 1:3 "... and upholding all things by the word of His power..."

Psalms 104:30 30 "You send forth your spirit, they are created: and you renew the face of the earth."

Imagine the result of this "order" suddenly disappearing, or the power supporting the order suddenly stopping? If we view the concept of God through the newly revealed evidence of the quantum, we can put together an exciting picture that removes the image of "religious blind faith, ethereal ghosts and goblins," and replace it with a portal through which not only the universe itself proceeds, but that God Himself directly confronts His creation, not on a physical basis, but, in truth, on the only basis which any conscious physically created being can hope to escape the eventual death of the matter which he or she is created of. That basis is spirit, and involves the transforming of the conscious physical mind into the image and likeness of God Himself. Many of the mysteries of God and of man’s existence and purpose can be understood if we just approach the subjects from the perspective of someone on the other side of the quantum.

For example, science has long been searching for the difference between the brain of mankind and that of higher life forms such as dolphins, chimps, whales, etc. It is looking for a PHYSICAL difference in the physical makeup of the brain. It believes that it is purely physical differences in the brain that allows mankind to think, achieve, create new ideas, etc., even though the brains of whales and dolphins are LARGER than mankind’s brain. If we allow God to teach us, the answers to many unanswered questions of science become more clear.

The Bible reveals that there is a spiritual component that is IN a human being, in the human species. (See Spirit in man!) This spiritual component is what separates the human mind from animal life. This component is the missing key that science has been searching the physical brain for from the beginning. Obviously, they will never find this component because it is beyond the physical realm, a part of the quantum, if you will, which God himself placed within mankind to set them apart from animal life for monumental theological purposes beyond the realm of science fiction’s greatest "imaginers."

This spirit empowers the physical brain in ways that bring about consciousness of self, and all the other amazing, but severely limited God-like qualities mankind has. Remember, we were made in the Image and Likeness of God, to be able think, feel, love, design, create art, etc. Cattle were created after the cattle kind, birds after the bird kind, etc., and God created man (man-kind) in the image and likeness of Himself . . .in other words, created mankind after the "God kind." This aspect to mankind provides the "Free Will" that no other animal species that exists has.

In conclusion, if we view the quantum as the doorway between God’s reality and ours, we might be able to grasp the concept of how a being like God could exist and we not see Him. We can better understand the concept of a "miracle," and how a withered hand could be "reordered" at the quantum level to be made whole, or how a dead body could be resurrected to life again, or how a universal spirit mind could be aware of our thoughts, since what gives us the ability to even think is a spirit essence FROM this universal mind. We’ve tended to look at miracles as nothing less than some sort of magic, or hocus pocus events without any satisfying explanation. Now we can at least realize, in a more tangible way, that even miracles are real events, involving real "mechanics" from the other side of the quantum.

We seem to be able to accept the countless science fiction concepts brought to us by Star Trek and more. They excite us, stimulate us, and even motivate us to look beyond ourselves. Yet, when it comes to the concept of God, we stumble and balk, searching for ANY other concept to explain our existence. Perhaps 1 Corinthians 2:14 makes sense when applied to this prevailing attitude:

"But the natural man (the spirit essence combined with the brain) receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to him: neither can he know [them], because they are spiritually (beyond the quantum) discerned."

WHY? Because IF a creator God is accepted as real, we are automatically put in the position of being responsible for our minds and actions . . . under His authority, and unrestrained free will doesn’t want that.

Regardless of the great discoveries and monumental strides science and technology are making, we need to keep a perspective on exactly who and what we really are, and where we come from and are potentially going to. No amount of physical scientific progress will ever bridge the gap called the quantum, nor will it bridge the even greater gap between the heart/mind of mankind and the perfect character and mind of OUR creator, God. Until we realize that we must be changed to the spiritual level, mankind will continue to encounter life-threatening problems from which there is no escape.

Understand this and you will see the pieces of God's incredible plan coming together more precisely, and how the whole universe awaits our release from this world’s physics, into the liberty beyond the quantum!

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