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Reprobate Mindedness... A serious situation to be avoided at all costs!

The following link goes to a new article on the subject of a "reprobate mind" as spoken of in Rom 1:28. This article helps to explain the apparent "insanity" taking place in politics, in growing criminal and sexual perversions and more, and all over the world. This reprobate mind is a serious threat to all of us regardless of our political persuasion or national identity.

Some thoughts to consider as you read the article;

  • What exactly takes place when God "gave them over" to a reprobate mind?
  • Is it a potential of all carnal minds?
  • Is it something God adds or tweaks so they are trapped in that reprobate mindedness?
  • Does God take a away some element of the "knowledge of good and evil" that all mankind has a choice in?
  • Is the ability to see or understand human "good" blinded in some way?

Perhaps providing this to others will help them to better understand what is taking place, and, for those caught up in it, a way to seek a sound mind... regain some better mind through seeking God and Repentance.

The Reprobate Mind!

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