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This is another tricky question, one that will have to remain in the area of speculation for the time being. Obviously, we have distinct races on earth. Even though ALL races can reproduce among themselves, there are specific genetic patterns that result. The usual result is the watering down of the genetic pool that contains the pure genes for that particular race. We are, after all, ALL of one KIND, but different varieties.

The only reasonable explanation for the racial diversity is that God placed within Adam and Eve, the potential for the different races. This would require a vast genetic pool and variety of genes. Remember that the only people for Cain and Abel to marry were their sisters. Today, we are so far removed from that kind of genetic variety that such a reproductive effort results in retardation and deformity. Not so back then.

If you do a study of the history of the races, you can actually go back to specific family names or tribes that are described in the Bible. Remember the Tower of Babel? At this time in history, mankind was gathering together and trying to establish their civilization combined. Notice what God did? He confused their languages, creating division among the races. Each language represented a race and these races separated and moved to different lands. without this division, mankind would have eventually lost ALL aspects of race, and would have been ONE race.

That might sound like a good thing, given racial tensions today, however, God has a specific reason for establishing the different races, and cultures. One reason is variety. God loves variety. There is also much to be learned from cultures and races, but God Himself established separate lands for the different peoples. It is mankind that insists on forcing the races together. We have been trying to "merge" for many decades, and we're no closer to unity and like mindedness.

God established segregation BECAUSE RACES ARE DIFFERENT. NOT BETTER OR WORSE, just different. Different likes, dislikes, talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses. Trying to force cultures together, while at the same time each culture trying to maintain their cultural independence is quite destructive. God knew this long ago, yet we insist on trying to blend the races. It goes against our very natures.

No, it doesn't mean that anyone is better or worse than any other race, however, there ARE strengths and there are weaknesses. Human potential is exactly the same, regardless of the race. It is environment, education, ignorance, blindness and perverted practices and beliefs which weaken ANY race or civilization. Satan knows that and has been hard at work doing just that. Is it any wonder so much of the world's people live in poverty, ignorance and superstition? Can you see how our own nation is growing weak because of the same causes?

It is by design. Any race that seems to have an advantage is a temporary situation. Yes, there have been specific prophecies about specific countries and peoples receiving specific blessings. However, if you go back through history, you will find that virtually every race has had their day in the sun. God is allowing EVERY race to have the upper hand at some point in order to show the rest of us that NO RACE has the answer. It is GOD who has the answers. THAT is one of the biggest lessons we could ever learn.

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