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Noah's Ark and KINDS!

How is it possible that a ship could carry the countless species and varieties of animals we see today to safety? The problem with believing that an ARK or ship could carry the vast number of animals we have today can be easily explained. Remember that the Noah flood took place almost 4 thousand years ago. At that time, there WEREN'T as many "types" of animals as we have today. The solution to the problem comes with understanding the difference between "KIND" and "TYPE."

As Genesis explains, God made every creature "AFTER ITS KIND." That means that the horse was made according to the horse "kind," the cow after the cow "kind," the bird after the bird "kind," etc. Notice it DOESN'T say, God made the Arabian horse, the Pinto, the Quarter horse, the miniature horse, the Clydesdales, etc., after their respective "kinds."

What we have to understand is that each "KIND" had within the genetic pool, the ability to generate "TYPES." God made the dog after the dog "kind." ALL dog's come from the original dog "kind," as TYPES of dogs. Given time and genetic variety within that first created species, God (and man's breeding) could establish the varieties which we see today.

The "kind" in Genesis refers to natural species: manKIND, horseKIND, dogKIND. etc. God did not specifically create every distinct form of plant or animal we have today. Flexibility was set within the "kinds" which enables other "types" of the SAME KIND to arise. The wall of partition between natural species, or KINDS, is called sterility.

If no partition existed in the beginning, utter chaos would have resulted, and NO specific and distinct species or "kinds" would have separated out. For example, the horse and the ass both look similar yet the horse has 19 chromosomes, and the ass 32 chromosomes. On the other hand, the Clydesdale and the Thoroughbred look much different, however, they BOTH have 19 chromosomes.

Genes are responsible for the variety of life. These genes can be "dormant" or hidden, and not be revealed for generations, and then suddenly you have a "variety" of species. A bear or deer has always been a bear and dear. Ancient cave paintings, etc., reveal this to be true.

So to specifically answer the question, the problem with the size of the ark would have been, "What to do with all the room." The ark was the size of a modern ocean liner. If you consider that only KINDS had to board the ark, you can see how many thousands of KINDS could have fit on the ark without a problem. Remember, ocean dwelling or water dwelling creatures DIDN'T have to board the ark. This fact also decreases the number of KINDS significantly.

So, as you can see, the story of the ark, flood, Noah, etc., could very reasonably have occurred. The biggest problem is in mankind acknowledging that there IS a God who set all this in motion. It is easier to hide behind the cloak of ignorance than to face reality.

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