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Overview of God's Plan
as outlined in His 7 Annual Holy Days!

Historically, Christianity has followed a cunningly devised counterfeit of the True Plan of God. Rather than have all the pieces of the "big picture," a false shadow of the true plan was established to provide just enough contact with the "idea" of God, but much too far away from the reality to make a change in people's lives as required and defined by God Himself within the pages of the Bible.

The chart at right reveals the extent of traditional Christian understanding as compared with the outline of God's Holy Days, below. The pieces of the puzzle are very generally practiced or understood. When the structure isn't followed, there can only be partial understanding. God designed the Holy Days to bring us complete understanding of His Plan, and to REMIND us yearly of that plan. without it, mankind will never come to know the True God or His plan which we so desperately need!

The Plan of God as outlined above reveals the "big picture" that emerges when you take all that God reveals within the pages of the Bible. Rather than being just an incomplete, and often confusing portrait that most people associate with traditional Christian concepts, God's Plan for mankind covers ALL aspects of human history, good and evil, as well as providing for "free choice" in order to achieve His greatest creation of all. . . a family of beings that are God's very offspring, with the very nature of God Himself!

7 Annual Holy Days!

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