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God's Health Laws:
"Your Health and God's Natural System"

You might be wondering why the subject of health laws is included in a discussion about God. You may be surprised to learn that your health is an important aspect of life, as you might guess, but that health is ALSO intimately connected to God and His dealings with mankind.

We oftentimes get stuck thinking that we are to just deal with "spiritual" things, and that "physical things" have little or no importance in the greater scheme of things. We are wrong if we hold to that belief. No, the kingdom of God is not food and drink, BUT YOUR HEALTH IS, and therefore, so is your ability to serve God and neighbor.

Sin the the transgression of law. (1 John 3:4). So, is it really a stretch to say that when we violate God's natural laws, that we are sinning in some form? If we take the definition of sin above as valid, then yes. Remember when Christ healed the cripple?

John 5:14 "Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said to him, "See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you." NKJV

Jesus here seems clearly to attach this man's "sins" with his crippling issue by telling him to "sin no more" or a worse thing could come upon him. We can't know what this man may have been engaged in to have crippled him. All we can know is it was related to sin in some manner. Today, breaking God's health laws is far easier and it can come from a host of sources, wittingly or unwittingly. Cause and effect. It is an absolute. The penalty for sin is death forever. The penalty for violating God's health laws can also be death of the body.

God's health laws govern how the physical world we inhabit interacts with our human body. Being healthy because we understand and work with God's health laws means we can be better servants for Him. This definitely doesn't mean that if you are sick or have some problem with your health or body, that you CAN'T have a relationship with God. Far from it. What you need to see is HOW the health of mankind has been affected by the same forces which have perverted God's spiritual truth, and for the same reasons.

In every aspect of mankind's societies, there are COUNTERFEITS that have been developed as a way of dealing with life's issues, including counterfeits for God's health laws. There isn't an area anyone could name that DOESN'T have a wrong twist to what is accepted as normal and right. Health is no exception. What better way to defeat an enemy than to weaken "his" health to the point that he is less able to accomplish his life's goals?

Mankind has achieved incredible things in the area of science and medicine over the years. We are able to deal with serious health problems with amazing drugs. The medical profession is excellent at dealing with crisis management, such as accidents and injuries where immediate intervention is required. THAT should be its purpose, NOT "primary health Care" using drugs/medications as some sort of genuine answer to the cause of the problem. Ask yourself, "Does THIS system of "health care" seem like something God is responsible for? Does it seem logical that He would establish a system that COULDN'T function on its own and that we had to do battle with in order to "conquer" the natural forces that SEEM to be allied against us?

America at one time had the best health of any other country in the world. Today, America has the WORST health of any modern nation in the world, yet WE HAVE THE MOST ADVANCED MEDICAL AND DRUG-RELATED support system available on the planet. HOW CAN THIS PARADOX EXIST? It doesn't make any sense at all. We are fighting a LOSING battle, which means WE ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

In order to understand how God fits into this picture, you need to have the background of all the rest of the material available to you on the subject of God. Unless you understand where this is building from, you may miss some vital keys.

We have seen how these two superbeings actually created all matter out of their very nature, which is spirit. They "ordered" this system we know as "mother nature" into a pattern of regulating laws, causes and effects. We work with these "laws" on a regular basis. Gravity, thermodynamics, the laws of motion, etc. We take them for granted, but we are very mindful of them or we suffer for it. These same laws run COMPLETELY through all physical matter and life. WHAT GOVERNS THE NATURAL WORLD ALSO GOVERNS US, AS PHYSICAL BEINGS.

Our very life processes are established along very specific patterns and are DESIGNED to function along specific parameters. If we know what these parameters are, we will benefit, Where we deviate from them, WE WILL SURELY PAY A PRICE just as sure as if we climb to the top of the Empire State Building and jump off. If we break these "LAWS" that govern our health, we WILL suffer for it, sooner or later.

God designed and set into motion all that we know as nature. The natural world functions almost like a living thing. There is harmony and balance throughout the earth. without it, we would not live very long. Because mankind has powers no other life on earth has, WE CONCLUDE THAT WE ARE ABOVE THE NATURAL WORLD, and therefore need to CONQUOR it or FORCE it to OUR EXPECTATIONS outside its intended uses and outside the protective forces the "laws" generate for us.

In doing this, we completely fail to see how WE are just as much a part of the natural world as any animal on the earth. WE are just as subject to the same laws, causes and effects as the rest of the world is. So WHY DO WE ACT AS though WE AREN'T CONNECTED? Because we have been deceived into traveling down a wrong road that leads AWAY from the designed system into one that has become a MANIPULATED system, based on a wrong theory of evolution. By altering the natural system, whether environmentally OR in the human body, we set up a course of response BY the environment or in our human body that is a NATURAL RESULT OF OUR OWN ACTIONS, whether good or bad.

It doesn't take a genius to see how these results are already being felt by much of the planet. We continue to abuse and neglect the natural system, and we continue to suffer for it. Only until we come to see that WE are part of the natural system, health will continue to suffer, and with it, mankind’s ability to respond and grow in the Hands of God.

Because there is so much health MISINFORMATION and DISINFORMATION out there, it is a confusing mess of ideas, beliefs, hopes, "procedures" and other "answers" to our problems. This isn't to say that there haven't been some good things done by modern medicine. Many people's lives HAVE been helped, but we need to look at HOW and WHY this has occurred.

The majority of modern medicine and drug therapy exists as a means to CORRECT problems brought on by neglecting to comply with the natural system and God's physical laws. The degenerative diseases ARE NOT a mysterious occurrence that "HAPPENS" to people. There is a cause, and the cause IS NOT A LACK OF DRUGS OR SURGICAL PROCEDURES, anymore than a headache is an aspirin or Tylenol deficiency. Our problem ISN'T that we need MORE DRUGS OR MORE TECHNOLOGY.

Our system today is set up as a false god of sorts. If we become sick, we can go to this system to find the "forgiveness" we are seeking, but oftentimes, this ignores the true God and His natural system that has the original answers we seek. of course, there can be some situations where people's health is hurt by things outside their control, such as environmental chemicals or other sources that are not a result of self-infliction of damage, but that is NOT the general rule of things.

Our problem is that we have CHOSEN, whether willingly or unwittingly, TO IGNORE THE PATTERN AND SYSTEM ESTABLISHED BY the most powerful being in the universe FOR OUR BENEFIT. We look to man's answers, and man's ideas of how to be healthy. Forces in our society have been continually fighting the most obvious solution available. Just as surely as God's spiritual truth has been under attack, so, too, has His designed natural system for our health and well being been attacked and downplayed.

The human body was designed to function with specific nutrients and activity. The natural world supplies all the nutrition our bodies need for perfect health. All the necessary biological building blocks are made available through this system. The activity comes through daily living and activity. As long as the body has the proper elements, in the proper form and amounts, our bodies will function quite well. But here is where we really miss the boat.

Our society has moved so far from what the natural system supplies as to create an incredible mess when it comes to maintaining health. Instead of relying on food as God designed it to be supplied to our bodies, we alter, refine, remove elements, and add back partial elements, (called "improving") additives, preservatives, etc. This alteration is disaster for our health. It is impossible for our bodies to function properly under this kind of assault, and we are seeing the results all around us.

Satan is a genius at destruction... and "his" health, food and farming system is simply suicide on the installment plan. The fruits are obvious all around us, but we do have a choice in this process to drastically mitigate, and reverse many of the destructive behaviors we engage in on a daily basis.

Regardless of what anyone or any group may say, unless we begin to utilize natural health care, there is little hope of achieving real lasting health. It is simply impossible unless we plug into the system God designed for us. We will simply be chasing our tails looking for the "answer" to our problems all the while not realizing that it is all around us.

Natural health care, in some form, has been around far longer than traditional medical care. It has persisted despite attempts to destroy and discredit it. There has to be a valid reason. If it didn't work, there wouldn't be enough support for it, and yet today, natural health care is growing rapidly. That's because it works.

Let's move on to further understanding the simplicity of these health laws so that we can begin implementing them in our lives!

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