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Secular government and the Church of God.

The modern-day COG has always upheld the separation of church and state. That is, the separation between COG and "state," better known as the government and its many aspects. Today in America, we have those crying out the same mantra, declaring it a law and what was intended by our constitution, and thus, they have taken prayer out of the schools, the Ten Commandments out of a government building, and done other "separations" between the rule of law and the rule of God.

However, even a cursory reading of the Founding Fathers (FF) writings or the State and Federal Constitutions will reveal that this is a completely erroneous concept that is being promoted by those who have an agenda for our country and its future. The FF fully expected government to be God-based, and even up to the mid 20th century, the Supreme Court of the U.S. utilized biblical law and precepts as their guide in making decisions. This can be proven through the various rulings and decisions handed down in the past. It was common thought and belief by the FF that God was behind the "making of America" and that their responsibility was to uphold His laws and make them a natural part of "secular" law. In truth, there was no "separation" made between God and state. Remember, God WAS State at one time.

It must be remembered that the U.S. Constitution was drafted by men who believed strongly in the God of the bible. They believed that freedom and liberty were gifts from God to all people. They also had a profound insight into human nature and governmental power. Because of these two factors, they eventually completed the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, something that has been declared as some of the best written documents ever produced.

Beginning in the mid 20th century, we have a change taking place outwardly in government and the federal courts that began to reflect the trend to remove God from public life. In actuality, the leaders in America began making changes behind the scenes in the early 1900's. These changes were in direct conflict with not only the U.S. Constitution, but Federal law as well, not to mention God's law. Today, those changes are essentially destroying the moral, social and economic infrastructure of our country.

So what does this have to do with the COG? Everything! As mentioned earlier, the COG has always taught that we are to maintain a separation between the COG and "secular government." No voting, no running for public office, no signing petitions... in essence, not getting involved with the government of men, period. It has been taught that it is somehow sin to be associated with or involved with governments of men. This brings up a number of vital questions based on history, and on our place in the world.

Few COG members would argue the fact that God was involved with the founding of this country. It is part and parcel of the promises to Abraham. The very documents that establish law in this country were based on God and His laws. They were written to protect people and to prevent abuse of power by flawed human beings. The nation, generally speaking, was a moral nation. God was in schools, and even the very textbooks used to teach people to read were biblically based. People who believed in God were involved with most every aspect of government and law.

What the COG overlooks is that God supported the establishment of a nation where He allows "the people" to have a legal say in how things are done by government. If we don't like what is done, we can bring about changes. That is not "rebellion" against government or our rulers, it is God ordained and legal. A government "of the people, by the people and for the people," and one that was intended to be biblically-based leadership. The very laws and constitution of our nation allow us to change the government leaders if we decide they are causing harm or have become immoral. The FF never intended politicians to be such for life.

If God is the very foundation of this country and its constitution, why does the COG support the separation of church and state? We have all read with disgust about the Ten Commandments being removed from the Alabama Court Building. We shake our heads at that and disagree with the agenda being blatantly promoted by our courts, illegally I might add. The Federal government has no legal authority to tell a state government anything regarding religion except that no government can promote a single state religion. A "Christian" religion was the only religion intended by the FF, but that no single Christian denomination could be promoted by the state.

We see and hear of traditional Christian groups resisting these and other activities by our government: Abortion, removing prayer from schools, the homosexual agenda, etc. These are people who have little of the truth of God, but what they have they are doing something with. They are grouping together and fighting this trend in every legal way possible. What does the COG do? We, God's own children, work to maintain a separation between ourselves and the very governmental foundation that God allowed to be established and that we can legally interact with. Isn't that a shame to the COG and to God Himself? What does this show the world about us and the God we believe in, and His truth? What will those uncalled now do when they are called and wonder where the true Church of God was on any of these issues? What could tens of thousands of extra letters and voices do for changing these evil, sinful and destructive policies? What kind of a light is that? Is that loving our neighbors? Is the oppression our silence allows beneficial to God's work and showing the world who He really is?

For almost 70 years now, we have separated ourselves from legally influencing those in leadership positions. We have sat back and watched the moral decay in the country, and done little or nothing to shine our light against the works of darkness. We have adopted the position of not getting involved because we have somehow decided that God doesn't want us involved with the very country and government He allowed to be set up as a haven for Christianity and the very growth of His true Church, and witness to the world. Do we really get that? Do we realize we are taking no responsibility where God has given us avenue to exercise responsibility, legally and biblically?

Luke 5:30 But their scribes and Pharisees murmured against his disciples, saying, Why do ye eat and drink with publicans and sinners? 31 And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician ; but they that are sick. 32 I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. KJV

Why do some in the COG "murmur" agsints those within the collective COG when they get involved with the legal, right and lawful involvement in their own nation's affairs as a light, example and influence? Do we hide behind the scriptures (See Rom 13 Discussion) that speak of "submitting" to the authority or government we have while ignoring the fact that this very government's laws and constitution give us the authority and right... responsibility... to act against unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional activity performed BY this government?

Are we going to change prophecy if we take action? What happened when Jonah was asked to warn Nineveh of its destruction that was prophecied? He fled. What did God do? Brought him back to his senses to do what He wanted Jonah to do. He warned them, and what happened? Prophecy changed, and Nineveh had more time!!! Isn't the collective COG doing what Jonah did... avoiding taking a stand and warning our nation outwardly and through our interaction with this world's governments? Could the same thing happen if God's people took stood for the laws of this land? Could we "buy" our countrymen more time because we wake them up and help them to see the truth and how to remedy some things, ,and through this, perhaps some will be called by God? Do we do more good by hiding ourselves from the very elements that need God's light and reproof?

Will we stop the end time? No! Are we going to prevent the ultimet fall and correction of this country? No! Do we expect to be able to change this world and do something even God is not trying to do? No! However, is doing right and reproving wrong going to hinder God's work in this world? NO! Could we prevent collateral damage to other human beings through our example and light? Yes! Could we help in maintaining freedom to practice our religion for a while longer and thereby allow others access to God's people and truth? Yes! Could we impact our Israelite brothers, and others, now and in the future as they remember back to our light? YES!

Ever since 9-11, there has been a lot of patriotism shown by many COG members. We all love this country and are jealous over it. We rally behind our government when they seek those (they claim) are responsible for what took place. We have anger toward such a mentality that would do such a thing. Most believe the government has the right and should protect the country in whatever means necessary, yet how many could entertain the possibility that the US government knew before hand that the 911 event was going to take place and participated in supporting the event at multiple levels? Paranoid delusions?

Many articles in the Journal and elsewhere show a love for this country and a belief in our government and its leaders. Many have written about it, and convey the belief that America is somehow a righteous light that is shining to the whole world and most of what our government does is essentially good and altruistic. It seems we, as Americans and as COG members, are losing sight of exactly what is taking place in the world around us. We have the bible and prophecy to show us an outline of results to occur in this world, yet we somehow believe that these events are going to be done TO us from those "out there." You know, Europe, the Beast, the false prophet, outside invasion. We view our government as the country's protector and defender, but is this realistic? How deceived might they be and what might be going on behind the scenes presented by traditional news sources?

Is it unrealistic to assume that, just as those outside our country are being manipulated by Satan, those within our own borders are as well? What about our own government? Who doesn't see the growing problems with secular government and the results of decisions made by it, but what if the things taking place within our own country were far worse than most might believe or see? God tells us that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. This can certainly be said regarding non-biblical knowledge as well. A love for the truth should go beyond biblical truth.

Lack of secular knowledge can destroy a people just as easily as lack of knowledge of God. The world today, especially Americans, reflects an attitude we have all heard much about in the COG. Americans, to a great extent, are truly of a Laodicean spirit... one that refuses to see that they and this country are in serious jeopardy. They carry on believing things are good... they have their jobs, money, their community lives, and yet close their eyes to what is taking place around them in America. The COG is guilty of the same thing to a large extent. It is easier and much more comfortable to not be aware of the evils around us.

This article began with setting the stage for our responsibility to what God has given us. The COG is not exempt from this responsibility, especially since it was God who "set up" the government and it's functioning in the beginning. Today, we have a government that has completely disregarded the constitution and laws of the land in profoundly major ways, and yet most Americans, including the collective COG, are oblivious to this. Those that hear about this want to ignore it or choose to disbelieve it without proving all things. The Laodicean attitude holds to this behavior quite closely.

Every American is being directly affected by this disregard and yet could bring about a change to prevent it. Every American, including the COG, will suffer because of the results of this disregard. Are you at least curious about what these "major ways" in which we are being destroyed from within are? Are you ready for this? Can you handle it in a non-Laodicean way? Does proving all things have any merit, even with secular things you don't want to believe or consider conspiracy stuff? We'll find out now:

  • Did you know that every war since WW II has been fought illegally and unconstitutionally?

  • Did you know that the majority of government spending today is illegal and unconstitutional, is supporting our enemies and leading us into economic slavery in the future and will result in the US economy and dollar to fail? It is impossible for it NOT to happen if we continue as we are.

  • Did you know that the green back... American money... is illegal and unconstitutionally produced? It has been stripped of any real value except that which "confidence" brings it, and allows us to be in a ripe position for external control over our lives because the real value of what we think we have in banks, stocks, certificates... PAPER... is worthless. Paper wealth is easily manipulated and prevents us from exercising any leverage in our lives with something with actual value such as gold, silver, necessities, etc., in times of economic downturns.

  • Did you know that the Federal Reserve is neither Federal in any way (just as "federal" as Federal Express) nor a reserve for anything but greed and deceit, and is both illegal and unconstitutional? Owned by private business, big banks and wealthy families around the world, every penny of your tax dollars go toward paying the interest on the national debt that makes these people more wealthy. Not ONE penny pays for what most people believe it pays for. The government's own documents verify this fact, but you don't hear THAT on the evening news, do you?

  • Did you know that the income tax system is actually voluntary, and both illegal and unconstitutional as established? Provable from the government's own IRS code book and multiple supreme court and lower court cases. Did you know that every member of Congress, every member of the Senate, the President and many other leaders have been legally challenged on this issue with a 500+ page document, and know the facts and are ignoring it? Fear, intimidation and extortion support the deception that you are required to pay taxes. How do I know? I spent the last 12 months studying the constitution, U.S. law and IRS code book, among other things on these issues. I compiled documentation four inches thick to support this truth and I KNOW the law now. I also found countless sources of other supporting websites to support this truth.

Now think about just those few items for a moment. Most will shake their heads in disbelief about those statements. I admit that it sounds incredulous... crazy, impossible and of course, conspiratorial. The first thing most want to do is dismiss them as lies and delusions. How could such illegal and unconstitutional activities, especially of this magnitude, be actually taking place in a "free" country? How can this possibly be true and "no one" knows about it? Well, plenty of people are waking up to the "matrix" created just for them, and more are learning about it every day.

However, the Laodicean spirit is well entrenched in America and is making its way around the world. The problem is that Americans, including the COG, have shrugged off their responsibility to hold leaders in this country accountable to the constitution and laws of the land just as God has allowed for in U.S. law. Can we now be blameless for this country's growing problems? By ignoring the truth, we are clearly supporting the illegal and unconstitutional activities. What does God have to say to us about breaking man's law?

If you accept these things written as being true without proving it, you still contribute to the problem and won't understand what to properly do. Believing something in ignorance does nothing to empower us any more than believing in God or His truth without having proven these truths does anything to build spiritual character in us. Knowledge empowers you. In other words, if I had to stand before a judge and explain why I did what I did with the tax return, I could provide a gargantuan defense, one that couldn't be legally denied. It's the same with God's truth, isn't it? When we stand before God and He asks us why we believed and followed such and such, what will we be able to tell Him? "Because that's what the church and minister told me was true?" Think that will hold water with God? Individually, we are responsible for learning the truth and living it, whether secular or biblical.

So, where does that leave the COG? Are we not citizens of this country even though we have a citizenship in heaven? Does this heavenly citizenship disqualify us from U.S. citizenship? If so, then we should not be subject to U.S. laws and punishments, as a Christian belief. The bible says otherwise. Aren't we acting like we have no citizenship and therefore no responsibility for the actions of our nation's leaders? Don't we tend to hold the same attitude within the COG? What does a love of the truth mean to us? Paul stated that the members had a responsibility to the church to watch for wolves. What if a minister preaches unbiblical things? Do we also ignore it and just "let God sort it out"or do we address it, ask questions, try the spirits?

Brethren, we have ignored the world long enough. We are fellow human beings in this country, a country blessed mightily by God. God has legally allowed for us to interact with this government in various ways to allow our lights to shine. Let's not hide behind facades with no biblical support. Let us mesh with humanity and show them the awesome truths we have been given and at the very least support their efforts to stem the tide of godless agendas in this country. Your life and that of your family and children are being severely impacted by the deceits and fraud allowed in our American government and promoted by special interest groups.

It has been said that Truth is stranger than fiction. There's another quote that states, "all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Christ told us to "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." He also said to "watch." That certainly means to watch and be ready to take action. Proverbs states, "A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself. The foolish pass on and are punished." Will we "hide ourselves" by taking wise action, or "pass on" to the penalty that will surely come? God will bless our actions and protect us where we can't act. For more information and sources you can access on these subjects, please visit www.the-matrix- Please "prove ALL things" for your and your family's sake. Don't cast off responsibility God allows us to exercise as His people. What say ye?

For more information and sources you can access on these subjects, please visit The Matrix Has You! Please "prove ALL things" for your and your family's sake. Don't cast off responsibility God allows us to exercise as His people. What say ye?

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