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Over the history of mankind, civilized, and not so civilized, people have viewed atrocities committed in the name of some cause and wondered how such a thing could be allowed to occur in plain sight and mind. Genocide has been viewed as a major moral wrong and most thinking people realize such a practice lowers our human race to that of animals.

Abortion stands in those ranks, however, unlike genocide, or many other major evils in the world, abortion is allowed to flourish around the world, despite a majority being against it.

What does God think about abortion? If you are researching this website and your bible, you will realize that there is only ONE mindset in the universe that would support the practice of destroying innocent and helpless human lives... and that is the mind of Satan, the destroyer.

Mankind, created in the image of the very creator of the universe, is hated by Satan and his cronies. To go contrary to God, and to destroy innocent lives is to be fathered by this evil being. As emotional as this topic can be, plain and simply, abortion, as practiced in this world, is an abomination, and is an attempt to limit and destroy God's purpose for humanity... that of being in GOD'S family.

Aborting an innocent child's life for "birth control" is not only murder of a human life, but is a direct attack on the very plan of God and His desire for children.

I would ask a few questions about abortion to any who feel it is a "right" that a woman has over her own body:,

  • What gives a woman the "right" to kill a child that is only half her doing?

First, the woman didn't get pregnant by herself, unless our women are turning hermaphroditic for lack of male interest. Second, no woman, once she agrees to have sex with a man, can claim 100% control over the fruit of that union. That is not only unfair, but foolish to even suggest this is a true case. Women who try to use this argument are not only logically wrong, but a legal case could be brought on this against them by the man.

  • Any man who chooses to have sex with a woman, and the result is pregnancy, is equally responsible, whether he wants the child to live or not.

Men are cowards oftentimes when it comes to pregnancy. They are sure willing to have sex, but when the consequences come knocking, they are often the ones heading for the hills. Men are legally and morally responsible for the child. The father should have equal say as to whether the child lives or dies. If they don't want the child, tough. They should have thought of that before. If they DO want the child, they have every right to determine the outcome of that child as the mother does. If women find this "unfair," then stay away from sex until you are married.

  • Is this practice any different than pagan practices of old where civilizations would actually offer their children up to pagan gods?

NO! The method of death may differ, but the end result,... the removal of children from the picture, regardless of the method, is the same.

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