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Is America meant to be "ONE" nation, or have we been deceived?

Most Americans are very familiar with the Pledge of Alliegence where it states" nation, under, God, indivisable..." but is this a true and accurate expression we should be supporting? There are challenges to the concept of any given State ceding from the Union we call "The United States of America." Some say it cannot happen, others state it most certainly CAN. What are the facts?

Let's first understand that the Republic... this "union" of States was never meant to be "one" nation. This concept was never entertained by our founders. Despite a number of references to "nation" by them, the foundational establishment never was designed to become a single entity as most accept it today, and this has caused untold grief to all Americans for over 150 years.

Let's first get some historic evidence to look at. Read through the article on the 14th Amendment to see how this fraud was unleashed, and how it is enslaving us today.

With the above referenced evidence, we now have to take a look at who the "United States of America" really is because if this People who founded this Republic, and the vast majority of immigrants from before 1950, do not even know who they are or why this Republic has become the greatest "Company of Nations" the world has ever known. God was directly involved with this as the second link will go into. Once we realize America is clearly referenced in biblical prophecy, we will realize that all the warnings to "Ephraim" in the bible and to the seed of Abraham that received the promise (and this was NOT Islam or the Muslims), we will understand WHY this Republic is being judged by God and will continue to be punished until we truly repent of our rebellion to His laws and will.

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